About this course

Apprentices need to be employed within the retail floristry environment for a minimum of 30 hours a week. We can help you find employment in the industry or you may already be working in a floristry business as a Saturday/part-time employee. New apprentices can start the course at any time throughout the academic year and need to be available to attend college once a week.

The course is designed around 6 phases, over a 21 month period. After this time you will undertake 3 final End Point Assessments to complete your apprenticeship.

Phase 1

Safe working practices. Legal and organisational requirements, use of tools, equipment, materials and products. Adherence to workplace cleaning, sterilisation, waste disposal and methods to promote environmental and sustainable working practices and reducing risk to self and others.

Phase 2

Condition and prepare botanical materials for design and sale. Correct botanical nomenclature for fresh flowers, foliage and plants and understand how materials are grown, cut and sold by length and weight. The sources of supply for flower/plant material and how to store, care and condition the materials. How flowers and plant material mature once cut – stock rotation. The seasonal availability of botanical materials. Plant health legislation and sustainability relating to the floristry industry.

Phase 3

Design floral displays interpreting a theme. Practical.
Design and construct a range of products in all mediums applying the principles and elements of design to include:

  • Hand tieds, presentation and gift-wrapped flowers and Plants – wrapping techniques.
  • Funeral work.
  • Wedding work.
  • Event work – corporate work.
  • Installations/bespoke work in mediums, foam, tied, planted/soil, moss, wired.
  • Prepare floral designs for sale and safe and secure transportation.
  • Shop and product display maintaining goods to best advantage for sale – merchandising.

Phase 4

  • Design floral displays interpreting a theme.
  • Theory of composition – the application of the principles and elements of design.
  • Techniques: attaching techniques; wiring techniques; manipulation techniques; water retaining techniques.
  • Current trends and sources of inspiration.
  • The application of the design schema; including order category; design classification and line direction.
  • Design evaluation and modification.

Phase 5

  • Understanding a customer’s needs and working within budget guidelines.
  • Interpret a customer’s requirements and manage their expectations positively.
  • Company policies for payments, pricing, customer service, complaints & returns and working within retail and consumer law.
  • Understand cultural differences relating to floral displays and the needs of individual customers.
  • Use I.T within the business for order processing including social medial, website etc.
  • Understand the sales opportunities that exist within a retail business.
  • Understand and work within marketing, promotional and social median protocols set by the business.

Phase 6

Work organisation and time management: Work within commercial timescales in a way which minimises waste. Be responsive and flexible to changing circumstances and be able to work under time pressures and meet deadlines and targets. Show initiative with daily and weekly tasks and work well within a team through good communication skills. Willingness to learn and contribute to own CPD. Display a good work ethic. Understand and treat botanical materials and all work products with respect. Be aware and work within the company policies and procedures for PPE.

In addition to the 6 phases, each apprentice will be offered the opportunity to gain a basic first aid course which will benefit both the student and their employer.

At the end of this apprenticeship you will be able to work as a competent junior florist within a team and will be in a position to develop within your business and study towards a Level 3 apprenticeship.

Any students who are currently training with us will qualify for a discount on courses/workshops delivered by visiting designers which can be seen on the – events pages.

All apprentices can become student members of the Institute of Professional Florists.